"I love The Barre Standard. I recently trained for my second half marathon and I am 100% sure that my adding barre and flow to my training decreased my recovery time after the race." - Dana R.

"I can't say enough great things about The Barre Standard. Carlie is an amazing owner, very welcoming, caring, and motivating. All of the instructors are unique and challenge you in different ways. The studio is modern, adorable, and clean. This is the studio to go to if you want to be challenged. Even if you are new to barre or to working out, there as nothing about any of the classes or the studio that is intimidating and the instructors are great about offering modifications. The types of classes available include: power yoga, sweat standard (combo of barre and cardio) and barre, so there is variety for those looking for it. Honestly, I love this place and am so grateful to have it so close to home!” -Jessica D.

"I used to do barre regularly in Dallas but stopped after I moved to Colorado a year ago because I couldn't find a good barre studio ANYWHERE. I can't tell you how happy I am that The Barre Standard opened it's doors! The Barre Standard makes working out fun again. Not only are the classes diverse and challenging (in the best way possible) but the sense of community here is unreal. The teachers are all very welcoming and accommodating. One of my favorite things about The Barre Standard is that it offers a variety of different classes; yoga, power yoga, HIIT classes (Sweat), and barre! What sets this studio apart from barre franchises is that the instructors are able to use their own creativity to make the class into whatever they want it to be. They each have their own style and are all SO good. You won't ever attend the same class twice! Carlie, the owner, is extremely attentive to her clients and will make you feel welcome the moment you walk in. She's really made the space a beautiful place to work out in. First class is free so I highly recommend you check it out!” -Jenn W.

"I’ve been coming to The Barre Standard for about 5 weeks now and I am loving the classes! I am seeing changes in both my physical body and my strength. Love that I can chose to attend standard barre or push my cardio in a sweat class. I can also attend yoga and get stretched out. Really happy with this new addition to Olde Town!” -Hollie R.