Frequently Asked Questions

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What is barre?

Barre fitness was created by dance teacher Lotte Berk in 1959. She fused ballet barre training and rehabilitative exercises to help her heal from a major back injury. Her method was so successful it has inspired a dynamic and growing fitness style: Barre! Barre exercises use small, isometric movements to target specific muscle groups one at a time. These repetitive, isometric movements and static holds create long, lean muscle growth and increased muscle stamina.

The Barre Standard method is a low impact but high intensity fitness class that combines a challenging blend of traditional barre, strength training, pilates and yoga into a 60-minute, total-body workout! Classes are set to upbeat music and focus on form and functional training.

Are classes suitable for beginners?

Yes - all fitness levels are welcome! Classes are capped at a small size, allowing instructors to provide one-on-one attention. Hands-on form adjustments and modifications are offered in each class as needed. We recommend starting with our signature Barre Standard class for new students.

Can I take class while pregnant?

Absolutely. Barre is a low impact, alignment-focused workout that strengthens your pelvic floor and every class can be modified for individual needs. Please get approval from your doctor before beginning a new exercise program. Don’t forget to check in with your instructor prior to class to get specific prenatal modifications.

How quickly can I see results?

Adding barre to your routine 2-3 times per week will isolate and activate smaller muscle groups in your abdominals, arms, glutes and thighs, while engaging and developing a strong working core. While individual results vary, it is typical to shed inches and see toned muscles in as few as 8 classes.

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