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The signature Barre Standard class combines an intense blend of barre, strength training, pilates and yoga into a 60-minute, total-body workout! Each class will consist of targeted isometric holds and heavy repetition to safely bring each muscle group to fatigue. The Barre Standard teachers are the best in the business and will help you achieve a leaner, stronger body! 




This fast-paced class is the perfect balance of toning and high-intensity cardio guaranteed to make you sweat! Combining elements from our signature Barre Standard class with cardio circuits to increase your heart rate you will scorch calories and increase your metabolism.



30 Minutes of Barre. 30 Minutes of Flow. The perfect combination to challenge your body and mind! Expect the intensity and full-body results of our signature Barre Standard class combined with a vinyasa style flow to improve flexibility and reconnect to breath.

Please note socks are required for all classes. Sticky socks are recommended and sold in the studio.